Break up the fallow ground that I may rain righteousness upon you. – Hosea 10:12

Fallow ground is impervious to rain. God is unleashing a mighty holy flood in our time, and He is calling us to prepare for it. There is an interesting balance in nature that is often demonstrated in the Death Valley Region of California. If the barren wastelands of Death Valley receive a sprinkling of rain, little flowers pop up throughout the desert. If the valley gets deluged and saturated, the wilderness blossoms like the garden of Eden. If, however, the ground is completely “fallow,” and impervious to the rain, the saturation that would have brought heavenly blessing can bring about devastating and destructive floods.

It is vital that we break up the fallow ground in our hearts through CHRIST SATURATION and in our neighborhoods through PRAYER SATURATION. We can accomplish this as churches pray more intentionally for their surrounding neighborhoods and join in prayer with like-minded churches in their community and district. Regional prayer gatherings have historically been the foundation of the world’s greatest revivals.

As networks of congregations are impassioned for Christ and each other, their hearts will soften towards the lost. As churches pray corporately for the lost surrounding them, there will be a natural shift. It will be similar to the deep cleaning we do to prepare for guests in our own homes. The entire church will be prepared to welcome new family members!

To Accomplish Regional Prayer Saturation:

We are encouraging pastors/ministry leaders at the district and/or zip code level to pray together regularly (in person or conference call). In addition, each participating church can build and engage strategic prayer teams and prayer events to cover the saturation efforts.

How can we measure and track these prayer efforts?

To empower every believer to cover every nook and cranny of our communities in prayer, Encounter Life has developed a very powerful neighborhood prayer journal and outreach app to track and measure the progress of prayer saturation.