Here are some next steps that you can take in your zip codes and counties for Saturation!

Saturate Leaders – Invite churches in your zip code to partner together!

Can we work together to get 100% adoption by inviting churches in our church networks to join with us in this great mission to reach every heart and home in New Jersey with the Gospel?

The goal is to have 10-15 churches working alongside each other in every zip code. This will give us attainable and sustainable saturation/follow-up neighborhood transformation strategies.

Make PDF Copies of your Maps

CRITICAL! Please make PDF copies of your maps so that you have them for the Follow-up Phase of Saturate! You are going to need these as your Zip Code Team leaders to strategize together with follow-up strategies moving forward.

 REPORT your Completed Maps

Please follow the email instructions on each map and report to the Saturate USA’s email (not to us). This is very important so Saturate USA can show that your census block has been saturated.

Church Media Teams  Please record everything you can!

We are trying to capture New Jersey’s Saturate Story! Cameras, phones, photos…we can use it all!

We would love to partner with your church’s media team. When your teams shoot video, have them ask people questions on camera and get people to say how excited they are! We will give instructions on how we will collect it shortly. Choose Zip Code Media Captains to be in charge of making sure your Saturate story is being recorded and told!

**Tell your camera operators to shoot on 24 Frame, if possible. 4K preferred if cameras can shoot it, 1080 is fine as well.

Saturate New Jersey Zip Code Prayer Movements

Zip Code Prayer Leaders should be communicating with the Participating Church Prayer Leaders, and help them develop their scheduled prayer events, such as: prayer walks, group prayer meetings, conference call prayer meetings, etc.

Start planning monthly organized Zip Code Prayer events where all church prayer teams and intercessors can come together in one, unified Zip Code Prayer Event. Please communicate back to us when your prayer events will take place. We want to help you promote what God is doing in your zip code the best we can.

Plan Zip Code Celebration Gatherings

Saturate USA has given us a platform for building and strengthening relationships in our zip codes as we share the gospel in our neighborhoods. You have all worked hard to build your Zip Code Team’s John 17 prayer and gospel movement, so let’s keep this fire burning brighter and longer as we move into Phase 2 of follow-up.

To that end, it’s very important to plan a Zip Code Celebration gathering with all of your participating churches in one location to share testimonies, fellowship, worship and pray for God’s next strategies for your unified Zip Code battle plan moving forward.

Plan Zip Code Follow-up Strategy Meetings

As each zip code is nearing 100% saturation, each Zip Code Team’s participating church and prayer leaders should be planning the next strategy meeting.

Discussions should focus on results of Phase 1, do assigned census block maps work well for each church’s saturation and upcoming follow-up goals, and/or does there need to be any reassigning of the maps moving forward for any church’s follow-up goals. Creative ideas in reaching every family should be explored, as well as a schedule or timeframe in implementing those ideas in to the Phase 2 plan of Saturate New Jersey.

Hashtags: #SaturateNewJersey

When you upload your media to Facebook and Instagram, we want to find you! Please use hashtags: #SaturateFirstCoast, #FirstCoastUnited

Help facilitate the Celebration and the Strategy Meetings, and stay in good contact and in tune with the needs of all of your Zip Code Church/Team Leaders.